So, what to do during the time of healing. It is difficult to abstain at times from all the pleasures that we take part in. For a time I identified as being asexual, not interested in sex and really only sastifying my needs through masturbation. Therefore sex with my previous partner, who really lacked interest in me besides, was not an issue. I was quite content in the lack of sexual contact between us. But with my current partner, Cage, I am very sexually attracted to her, because she treats me like a woman, she makes our intimacies arousing and special by treating me like a lady, and it makes all the difference.

After the castration I was concerned about the healing process and sexual activities. There was a time of initial healing that was necessary to seal the incision in my scrotum. After the primary healing period I was under the assumption that my sexual abilities would return to normal, and, to an extent they have. I am aroused as before, and certainly I can ontain an erection, although I have noticed that there is a difference in size and rigidity.

I saw my doctor recently and he advised me that it can take months before my body is completely healed. I was worried becuase I was experiencing a lack of sensation in the shaft of my penis. This concerned me because it is the tissue, the corpus canernosa, that becomes rigid on arousal, and will soon be surgically altered to be the flanking nerve centers of my future vaginal barrel. I was assured that this was not a concern.

Last night, during sex I was unable to attain orgasm. I was a little upset, but I was prepared for this, thanks to my doctor. I was sad though, because my beautiful wonderful sexy partner inguired to my lack of orgasmic acheivement. I assured her it was all on my end of things. This is the second occassion that I have not been able to achieve orgasm. However, I did feel like I was quite close for a time. I think most girls know what it is like to chase an orgasm.

I will keep everyone updated about the healing process. I have definately felt more feminine in my body than I ever have after having my testicles removed. I look forward to completing my srs journey, but I will always be a transsexual.

<3 Daphne

8 thoughts on “Castrated sex?

  1. In my package from Montreal, they tell me that sexual satisfaction following surgery will be “largely psychological.” Well, it that means finding myself wrapped in the arms of love, I would be totally happy with that.

    • I agree. I did not think I have been that affected psychologically, but I also feel I am in between worlds at the same time. But I have the unending love and support of Cage, which is just amazing, and helps greatly in the process of healing and transition.

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  3. This is fascinating for me as i am considering castration myself. i am particularly please to note that afterwards you felt more feminine and that your orgasms now come from the inside out. Can i ask how long the physical healing took?

    • Physical healing is still ongoing. I was told between 4-6 months for everything to be completely healed. The incision along the raphe on my scrotum healed in about 18 days, much care was taken to keep the area very clean. Do not use anti-bacterial soaps, this impedes the healing process. There are still some days that I feel like there is something tugging on my insides and the ends of the spermaticord are slightly swollen, other times I have a loss of sensation in along the medial axis of my penis, but sensation does return. I hope this helps you.

      Daphne Shaed <3

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